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About XSEL Technologies

XSEL Technologies was founded by Cliff Bridges, who remains its owner and director. In its 15-year history, the company supplied mica products to foundries across North America. Through mid-2020, XSEL Technologies partnered with mica producer, Cogebi.

XSEL Technologies is currently partnered with Asheville Mica Company of Newport News, Virginia. The company continues to provide mica products to foundries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Now, XSEL Technologies supplies foundries with market-leading quality at market-beating prices — delivering greater value to foundries than was previously possible.

Cliff Bridges is the founder and director of XSEL Technologies.

About Cliff Bridges

Founder XSEL Technologies

Cliff Bridges is recognized for his vast knowledge of mica products and his ability to deliver problem-solving expertise to foundries served by XSEL Technologies. He attributes his success at earning customer trust to a formula of "patience and persistence." Through that, Cliff gains a deep understanding of customer challenges, so he can bring the right tools to solve them.

Cliff holds a degree in Business Management from Southern New Hampshire University. He founded XSEL Technologies with an ambition to deliver technical guidance and product support to foundries in North America. To meet the needs of his customers, through XSEL Technologies, Cliff introduced foundries to products that increased their manufacturing throughputs and extended equipment lifetimes. Solutions included mica products, thermal products, and high-temp silicone wire.

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XSEL Technologies is a Corporate Member of the American Foundry Society.
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